John H. Besarick

Personal Data

John Harrison Besarick was born on June 20, 1844, in Chelsea, Quebec, the son of William Besarick (Beswarick) and his wife, Elizabeth Julyan (daughter of Francis Julyan).

He married on April 26, 1869, in Boston, to Sarah Elizabeth (“Lizzie”) Morrill (b. 21Apr1851 in Chelsea; d. 23Oct1927 in Dorchester), daughter of Charles C. Morrill and his wife, Elizabeth A. Wells (daughter of Hanson H. Wells).

John Besarick died on February 26, 1925, in Dorchester.


John Besarick was a draftsman and later an architect in the offices of Samuel J. F. Thayer from the late 1860s until about 1873, when he opened his own practice at 32 Pemberton Square.

His work included a number of ecclesiastical buildings, including St. John’s Seminary in Brighton, built in the early 1880s from puddingstone quarried on the site. He also designed Hotel Gladstone in Dorchester in 1883, several other apartment hotels, and numerous residences in Boston and the surrounding communities. He also traveled frequently to Bermuda, where he designed several residential buildings and, in 1910-1911, a major extension to the Hamilton Hotel.

Back Bay Work

1872 10 Gloucester
1872 12 Gloucester
1872 14 Gloucester
1872 334 Marlborough
1883 278 Commonwealth
1884 347 Beacon
1885 172 Commonwealth
1886 455 Beacon
1886 457 Beacon
1887 459 Beacon
1887 461 Beacon
1888 467 Beacon
1888 469 Beacon
1889 471 Beacon
1889 473 Beacon