195 Marlborough

195 Marlborough (2013)

195 Marlborough (2013)

Lot 24' x 112' (2,688 sf)

Lot 24′ x 112′ (2,688 sf)

195 Marlborough is located on the north side of Marlborough, between Dartmouth and Exeter, with 193 Marlborough to the east and 197 Marlborough to the west.

195 Marlborough was designed by architect Francis Ward Chandler, of the firm of Cabot and Chandler, as his own home.  It was built in 1883-1884 by M. C. Grant and A. Anderson, builders. Francis Chandler is shown as the owner on the original building permit application, dated December 20, 1882.

Francis Chandler and Alice Daland had been married in October of 1882, and 195 Marlborough probably was their first home together.  They also maintained a home in North Haven, Maine.

Alice Chandler purchased the land for 195 Marlborough on December 18, 1882, from Mary Coffin (Lunt) Shepard, the wife of attorney Edward Orcott Shepard. They lived at 318 Commonwealth. She had purchased the land on September 23, 1880, from Daniel Goodnow, who had purchased it from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on June 15, 1871.

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In 1888, Francis Chandler was named head of MIT’s school of architecture.  He remained in that position until his retirement in 1911.

195 Marlborough (ca. 1942), photograph by Bainbridge Bunting, courtesy of The Gleason Partnership

195 Marlborough (ca. 1942), photograph by Bainbridge Bunting, courtesy of The Gleason Partnership

Francis Chandler died in September of 1926.  Alice Chandler continued to live at 195 Marlborough until her death in March of 1932.

The house was not listed in the 1933-1936 Blue Books and was shown as vacant in the 1933-1936 City Directories.

On June 11, 1936, 195 Marlborough was purchased from the Chandlers’ three children — Henry Daland Chandler, Helen (Chandler) Winlock, and Ethel (Chandler) Bartol — by Charles Gordon Weatherley, an architect.  He lived at 75 Mt. Vernon.

In June of 1936, he filed for (and subsequently received) permission to convert the property from a single-family dwelling into five apartments. He listed himself as the architect.

On March 19, 1946, 195 Marlborough was purchased from Charles Weatherley by Joseph J. Diab, and on April 17, 1947, it was acquired from him by H. Eleanor Blewett. She was an elevator operator and lived in Charlestown, and probably held the property for Joseph Diab or his brother, real estate dealer Thomas J. Diab.

On June 30, 1958, 195 Marlborough was acquired from H. Eleanor Blewett by Helen E. Larkin, a buyer with the Jordan, Marsh department store. She lived in one of the apartments. She previously had lived in an apartment at 255 Beacon.

In November of 1961, she filed for (and subsequently received) permission to increase the number of apartments from five to six.

Helen Larkin continued to live at 195 Marlborough until about 1963, when she moved to 285 Clarendon.

The property changed hands and on June 15, 1972, was acquired by David C. Keating.

On August 8, 1974, he converted the property into four condominium units, the 195 Marlborough Street Condominium.