Bradlee and Winslow

Bradlee and Winslow was formed in 1872, a partnership of Nathaniel Jeremiah Bradlee and Walter Thacher Winslow.  In mid-1882, George Homans Wetherell joined the partnership, and it became Bradlee, Winslow, and Wetherell.  After Bradlee’s death in December of 1888, the firm continued as Winslow and Wetherell.

Among the designs credited to Nathaniel Bradlee during his partnership with Winslow were the New England Mutual Life Building (1873; demolished) in Post Office Square, the Second Unitarian Church (1873; demolished) at 585 Boylston between Clarendon and Dartmouth, and the Young Men’s Christian Union building (1875).

Nathaniel Bradlee and the successor firms also are credited with designing buildings of the Baker’s Chocolate factory in Dorchester.

Back Bay Work

1878 247 Commonwealth
1879 119 Commonwealth
1880 249 Marlborough
1882 45 Hereford
1882 47 Hereford
1882 49 Hereford
1882 51 Hereford
1882 53 Hereford