George Thomas Tilden

Personal Data

George Thomas Tilden was born on March 19, 1845, in Concord, New Hampshire, the son of Rev. William Phillips Tilden and his wife, Mary Jane Foster.

He married on October 5, 1871, in Boston, to Alice Olmstead Butler (b. Jun1845 in Pittsburgh), daughter of John B. Butler and his wife, Catharine Selina Gazzam.

George Tilden died on July 10, 1919, in Milton.


George Tilden studied at Phillips Exeter Academy and the Lowell Institute, and then entered the offices of Ware and Van Brunt.  In 1868-1869, he was at the Atelier Vaudremer at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris.  He returned to Boston and joined J. Pickering Putnam in practice from 1873 to 1875.  Thereafter, he was in partnership with William W. Hartwell, and then, in 1880, he joined with Arthur Rotch, who also had worked in the Ware and Van Brunt offices and at the Atelier Vaudremer.  The partnership continued until Rotch’s death in 1894, after which Tilden practiced alone until about 1915.

Rotch and Tilden undertook churches, suburban and town residences, libraries, and similar projects.  Among their works were the Churches of the Messiah and the Ascension in Boston; the gymnasium at Phillips Exeter Academy; libraries at Bridgewater and Groton; Milton Town Hall; Blue Hill Observatory;

Back Bay Work

1881 197 Commonwealth [Rotch and Tilden]
1883 207 Commonwealth [Rotch and Tilden]
1883 211 Commonwealth [Rotch and Tilden]
1883 215 Commonwealth [Rotch and Tilden]
1885 328 Beacon (Demolished) [Rotch and Tilden]
1885 231 Commonwealth [Rotch and Tilden]
1886 367 Beacon [Rotch and Tilden]
1886 456 Beacon [Rotch and Tilden]
1886 233 Commonwealth [Rotch and Tilden]
1889 10 Charlesgate East [Rotch and Tilden]
1889 459 Marlborough [Rotch and Tilden]
1890 458 Beacon [Rotch and Tilden]
1890 512 Beacon (Demolished) [Rotch and Tilden]
1891 464 Beacon [Rotch and Tilden]
1892 287 Commonwealth [Rotch and Tilden]
1893 518 Beacon [Rotch and Tilden]
1893 528 Beacon [Rotch and Tilden]
1911 464 Beacon (Remodeling)